The Real Deal

Let’s do this step by step, so anyone who’s not familiar with the issue (read: anyone who’s been away from Planet Earth on vacation) can keep up.

Adam Lambert performed his single “For Your Entertainment” at the AMAs. The performance included him kissing his male keyboardist, simulating fellatio with one of his male dancers, and some other racy stuff with women that no one really seems to care about. No one minds that he grabbed a woman’s crotch, but they’re all going, “Oh My GOD he kissed a guy on TV!”

Outrage. Homophobes tried to be homophobic in a more subtle way and cried, “What about the children who were watching the AMAs??” <– Lame excuse number 1.

Real reason: They’re homophobic. If kids are up watching TV at 11 PM, they’ve definitely seen worse.

And so the next day, ABC cancelled Adam’s Good Morning America performance. Their reason: They were concerned about showing a similar performance so early in the morning. <– Lame excuse number 2.

Real reason: ABC & Disney are homophobic.

As soon as ABC cancelled Adam, CBS grabbed him for The Early Show. They did an interview with him where they pretended to understand his point of view about the performance, then showed the infamous picture of Madonna kissing Britney. Then they showed Adam kissing Tommy for comparison. Only this time, they blurred the image. Their reason: People are used to the Madonna/Britney kiss, but they need time to get used to the Adam/Tommy kiss. <– Lame excuse number 3.

Real reason: CBS is scared of their homophobic viewers. In other words, CBS does not have balls.

Adam, of course, had plenty of chances to share his own thoughts about his performance, and he did: “All hail freedom of expression and artistic integrity.” <– Two thumbs up.

After cancelling Adam, ABC booked Chris Brown, convicted woman-beater, to appear on GMA. People asked why they supported domestic violence over homosexuality. They said Chris Brown was booked before Adam and they couldn’t cancel. <– Winner of Lamest Excuse Award. Now they’ve alienated not only homosexuals, but also feminists and intelligent human beings. How long before they crack and find a magical way of cancelling Brown?

Adam has not apologized for his sexually charged performance, and he doesn’t intend to. He said it like it is – He’s an entertainer, not a babysitter. Females have been doing racy stuff on TV since Eve, but the minute a man steps out of the box, the world goes mad. There IS a double standard. Man on woman is considered ‘normal’, girl on girl is considered ‘sexy’, but man on man is considered ‘disgusting’. I don’t get the logic either.