Adam Lambert + a nude woman = Drama with a capital D!

So, Adam Lambert posed with a nude model.

Wow great, go Adam!

A nude female model.

OUTRAGE! How dare he??? Doesn’t he know he’s supposed to be gay???

That was the reaction from many fans after the scans of Adam’s latest photoshoot for Details magazine made it to the internet. Now, don’t get me wrong. The majority absolutely loved it, had some extra adamgasms to add to their daily count, and twatted Adam about how fucking sexy he was.

But let’s talk about that little minority group that did not like the pictures. Ah, them. There’re several reasons for their… uneasiness. Let’s analyze, shall we?

Some are, are you ready for this? – jealous. They’re… jealous. Alright, Adam’s got the point. He’s not allowed near naked women. Right. Gotcha. Moving on.

Some, and this is mainly the younger fans, are offended because of the nudity. Well, I’m sorry, but this is Adam Lambert we’re talking about. He’s a very sexual creature, and admit it, that is partly why you love the man. I realize they’ve got a point. They shouldn’t have these pictures thrown in their faces without warning. But folks, let’s get this clear. Adam Lambert always comes with a warning. Always. Because he is Adam Lambert.

And my personal favorite – He’s gay, he should not be posing with nude penis-less people. He’s not being true to himself. It’s not who he is. Why’s he doing this? I’m so confused!

Get a grip, people! Read the following points very carefully.

1. Details is a men’s magazine. The heteros out there do not want to see a naked man with a clothed man. Ask any of them. They prefer breasts to penises.

2. Read the damn article. It’s about women fantasizing about gay men i.e. Adam. The pictures denote those fantasies. Your fantasies, not his. Is the light beginning to dawn?

3. It’s called acting. He does one photoshoot with a nude woman and suddenly he’s being un-gay? Hell. Are Heath Ledger (RIP dude, I love you) and Jake Gyllenhaal gay because they acted in Brokeback Mountain?

4. It’s controversial, it got people talking, it got a whole drama going on, and that is exactly what Adam wanted. So yes, he is being true to himself. No, he hasn’t changed. Yes, he is gay. No, he did not sleep with her. Yes, he probably enjoyed it. No, I’m pretty sure he didn’t have a fight with Drake. Yes, the cow did jump over the moon.

1+2+3+4 = It was one fucking photoshoot. Get over it!

Now that you’ve all (hopefully) understood the idea behind the photoshoot, get yourself a glass of wine, sit back, relax, and enjoy those pictures!

I know there will be disagreement over what I’ve written, and really, I don’t give a shit. But please, if you’ve got a brilliantly nasty reply gelling in your head that you just have to tell the world, feel free to post it. I don’t promise to read it, but I’m sure it will give you some satisfaction.